Fox Rocks

If you had said to me - or perhaps anyone in the yard- that Foxcub would obliterate the field of a competitive handicap hurdle at Bangor (again) we would think you were the hound on a false scent. In fact this Fox's scent has been so difficult to sniff out and has been giving me plenty to think about that he wasn't going to be christened 'Fantastic Mr' anytime soon. But that's just it- he is fantastic. I know everyone loves a winning attitude but you have to admire this horse’s killer instinct when he has the chance. His owners Celia and Michael Baker (along with Izzy who looks after him) are the horse's biggest

fans and take more joy in the fact that he doesn't like me than anything else. But he really does not like me and I have to be very alert when entering his den. However, I have never enjoyed being so despised so have to essentially run with the fox and hunt with the hounds to get the right result. Another who I imagine adopts the same policy is his secret ally Mark (head lad) who must be given a huge amount of credit in helping in the hunt for this Fox.

Having James Davies riding for us has been a huge help as his feedback and riding tactics have been vital in getting the right result. It is no surprise to see him riding so well as his abilities as a jockey were evident from his days as a top conditional. He gave Eaton Rock a fantastic introduction to chasing at Lingfield on Tuesday. The horse jumped impeccably and we were all delighted with him in defeat. However, the ecstasy of winning was short lived for the triumphant connections and the vanquished Rock was promoted to number one. This horse's career as a chaser has been eagerly anticipated by a lot of people although perhaps with more trepidation by co-owner Jen Price who gets very nervous when 'Rocky' is out and about. He is very aptly named as he has a rock solid constitution and is very straightforward. What ever the result at Lingfield he should improve a great deal for the experience and the run. The best way of summing up the week so far is in no way attached to a Ledbury Hunt Summer shindig but put simply Fox Rocks.