Dixie warwick.jpg
Christmas and New Year saw family and friends descend; staff sacrifice their time to keep the show on the road and plenty of laughter involved in both. While we weren't as busy runner-wise as we would have liked we kept up our strike rate of finishing in the first four with the majority of our runners. However, not long into January saw a very satisfying result for a certain horse; and no horse deserved it more. Dixie Bull has had a rocky road towards success but his owners retained their faith in him. His victory may not have happened so easily or perhaps at all as the challenging pair spectacularly went through the wing at the last fence. One of the pair was the admirable 17-year-old Victory Gunner; does this means that with a bit of luck their could be a few more years in Dixie yet? Either way Dixie stuck it out in the awful conditions to remain in front over the line for the first time.

The whole team at Dason got tremendous satisfaction out of watching him triumph and it is hoped we can repeat the feat in the not too distant future as he bounced out of his box the next day. Moving into 2015 we also hope to keep the horses running as they have been but with rather more 1s than anything else. Furthermore there are some lovely youngsters to come out and from what we are seeing at home the future looks bright. . .