A miniature Shetland and her love of water!

It never rains it pours. Well actually at the moment it never rains but you can

guarantee that when it does it will arrive in torrents. Luckily, we only have a few

horses ready to run and they enjoy the better ground but we would still like a bit of rain before they do. Guinness (miniature Shetland) certainly showed her demand

for the wetter climate as she learned how to turn on the taps over the summer

although alarmingly never bothered to learn how to turn them off.


With tap-heads now changed and Shetland-proof, we are all excited at the prospect of getting going as it has been such a quiet summer in terms of runners. It has however given us plenty of time to get other things done at home and the launching of a new website was high on the agenda. This is the largely un-exciting blog in terms of action but the first on the new website.

Oh and in case you are worried, Guinness has plenty of water at her disposal but her infamous rebellious streak means that she likes to display her emancipation in the most overt manner. This also includes eating my beloved roses. This subject could neatly lead on to Guinness being as eager to ‘turn on the taps as many clerk of the courses over the summer but I will not enter that debate as the flat trainers make their stance pretty clear. She would however keep the whole racecourse pretty trim... no mower needed! The fact that this blog is largely (an adjective not used to offend her) focussed on a miniature Shetland certainly shows the lack of racecourse action. The strangest part of her day is when visiting Hidden Link for her bath. He will lick her all over –

with him being stabled most of her is out of his reach – but she moves to aid his access; firm friends then. I would imagine she will next be an auxiliary to his escape.

Anything is possible with this one . . .