Changing Times

After a very quiet summer in terms of racing the equine team at Dason Court are nearly ready to kick off – after the mid September slumber that we now have. We have done so much work here over the summer and are looking forward to making use of the now fully working facilities.


Our tackroom has expanded and moved as has the office. Furthermore we expanded the all weather schooling facilities too. The sand is also much deeper; much to the chagrin of a certain miniature Shetland pony. There is also a ‘Mrs T Symonds’ so it is carefully I go when opening the post as another S makes all the difference.

Like all the horses at the moment, we are all keen to get going and it is because of the horses that we are all so excited. But I have been told that patience is a virtue . . . We have plenty of new equine recruits – both young and old. The calibre of horse seems higher and there are some cracking chasing types among them. It is long term potential that we look for and granted a bit of luck some of these should have it.

Due to the increase in horses we have also taken on new staff so the team is expanding. We hope exciting times lie ahead and the better ground horses are the most forward in terms of fitness so look forward to unleashing them. They all look fantastic. This will be the last blog on this website as we are about to launch a new one. Thus, everything is changing and I know expansion and evolution is a positive – or so I keep telling myself.