New Beginnings

The 2013-14 Jumps season has come to an end. Our team at Dason Court are largely very pleased with the results and the huge improvement on the previous season. The winners were sadly not so forthcoming towards the end but I think that was inevitable as our ammunition ran out and the ground dried up. Progression is what we wanted and what we saw in the number of individual winners and in the overall tally. We are still so excited by the team we have got for next season as there will be plenty that come into their own given further time to mature.

Looking to the future is what one must do and our thoughts turn to our small team of summer horses who are now ready to go. They aren’t all stars but should – given the right placing – add to the tally of winners while the 2014-15 season is still germinating. They are also fresh horses who have had a long winter break. There is so much to do at Dason itself as the improvements on the place never end but I regard that as progression as well. There is also the small matter of finding more equine talent to bolster our arsenal for the future and I am very lucky to have some nice orders to fill this summer. If the Cheltenham sale (25th April) is anything to go by we are going to need pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench. I keep reminding myself that value can be found and that to be eating at the top table doesn’t necessarily mean paying for the privilege – small minded perhaps? The management of expectation is one of the hardest parts of the our job and being realistic and honest is all we try to be so let’s hope that sees us in a good light for the now imminent 2014-15 season. Let it begin!