Spring Has Sprung!

As spring has seemingly crept up on us, Dason Court has been taken a sabbatical from success too. I am not totally surprised as the change in the ground has meant that a few of the more race – fit types aren’t able to handle the drier ground. A lot of it all comes down to facilities and type of horse as Dan Skelton suggested to me at Stratford a few weeks ago. His training regime and gallops seem to lend themselves to the better ground horses and his recent results have shown this. So perhaps this means the opposite can be said of Venetia Williams’ horses as they seem to revel in the mud. Yard form cannot just be coincidence as there are times when it seems a stable cannot train a loser but a lot of it must come down to the conditions the horses are racing in and more importantly, their handicap marks. A well placed progressive horse at any level means a successful one.

Therefore, as a few of our equine in mates have done well in their favoured conditions they are doubly penalised when they now have elevated ratings on better ground. Anyway, trying is what we do and what it is all about so let’s hope we can have a few more winners before the season is out and see the all important progression from season to season. Forward steps mean progressive motion.